Advances in physical security

Belinda Guevara, property manager of the Continental Group, is responsible for a unit residential property on an exclusive island just off Miami. Physical Security includes all measures taken to protect people, facilities and resources from damage or harm.

Intelligent Monitoring Video surveillance, while generally effective enough to supply evidence of a security concern, has many shortcomings.

Starting at an operational level, with first-line managers, will probably not be the best approach, since there needs to be strong communication of the value to appropriate levels within the organization.

Perimeter Protection Building security can use beacons, RFID badges and even radio waves to secure the perimeter and allow access to specified individuals. What do you do? To deal with them, information is key. Physical and cyber security are often intermingled, with many groups playing a part: Brian DeWolfe, senior property manager at Lincoln Property, has a big challenge.

In this article we take a look at a simple situation -- property management -- and explore how new advances in technology are bringing solid, quantifiable benefits. While we tend to focus much of our attention on information security, we often forget that we have the same needs with regard to physical protection.

A similar system could also be used very effectively in a secure entrance gate or smart parking garage to allow entry and track traffic coming in and out. Candia can be reached at info candiacomm.

No one has enough information in a time of crisis: Intelligent Monitoring Great in theory, but not so good in practice. These tactics can be used in places like casinos and high traffic situations such as sporting events. There could also be 10 or more different cameras in the area that contain relevant video, making the process even more strenuous.

Here are five examples of how IoT and smart technology advances physical security: When a camera can alert any sign of tampering, the possibility of missing suspicious activity goes down. Operation costs go down, storage needs decrease and relevant video retrieval simplifies.

Providing physical security for a property, whether residential or commercial, usually depends on having physical officers on site to patrol the property, man the gatehouses, investigate suspicious activities, etc.

With the implementation of motion detection, audio detection and alert systems, a security concern can be managed much easier and faster.

Guevara employs guards around the clock, but relies on feeds from cameras and sensors located around the property to send information to a central location where a single guard can monitor everything. The CFO -- with a strong value proposition of cost-savings, the COO -- who knows all the aspects of the business, and the CEO -- who wants to change and improve, will probably need to get involved, since high-tech physical security can play a key role in future disaster preparedness.The Cyber Physical Systems Security (CPSSEC) project addresses security concerns for cyber physical systems (CPS) and internet of things (IoT) devices.

CPS and IoT play an increasingly important role in critical infrastructure, government and everyday life. Advances in networking, computing, sensing and control systems have enabled a. Advanced Physical Security Jun - Jun All day The Advanced Physical Security Officer course builds upon the common practices in Physical Security, taking into account emerging trends and challenges.

As compared to security video, it may seem that advances in electronic access control emerge and evolve more slowly. From a hardware perspective, technology moves at a snail's pace, says Kane. What is more innovatively important is the trend of interoperability with other systems and big data. In order to make physical security work for us, we need to fully understand the new technologies that we're incorporating into it.

"We've made big advancements, but we've been adopting them without learning them, so we've exposed ourselves in a way that we haven't before in physical security," says Nickerson. Physical Security Policy IT James Dutcher Axia College of University of Phoenix Terrence McRae Physical Security Policy 10/7/ Security of the Building Facility Physical entry controls Scenario The Bloom Design Group is a company that offers interior design services to businesses and individuals throughout the world.

Bloom has. Until recently, the management software for physical security solutions required a physical server. A district with 20 schools, each with video surveillance, physical access control, and unified communications, required at least 60 servers.

The proliferation of physical servers strained data center space and power capacity.

Advances in physical security
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