An analysis of the relationship of mother and daughter in the story the joy luck club

The Joy Luck Club

After her husband leaves her, Ying-Ying is forced to move in with some of her poorer relatives. Critics have argued that the book works as an exploration of the issues that are vital to all immigrants in America—including ethnicity, gender, and personal identity.

She started the club in China, in the early days of her first marriage. As a child, Ying-ying was headstrong and independent.

Discuss mother-daughter relationships in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club.

When they were dating, he made all the decisions. When Tyan-yu and Lindo were one and two, respectively, a matchmaker arranged for their marriage. To escape war and poverty, the four mothers emigrate from China to America. This can be seen when Waverly tries to tell Lindo of her marriage. Some reviewers have identified the mother-daughter relationships in the book as part of a growing tradition of matrilineal discourse that is becoming ever more popular in America.

Another section deals with Lindo who marries Tyan-yu—who will not sleep with her. One critic has even analyzed the fable-like qualities of The Joy Luck Club, interpreting it as a modern-day fairy tale.

However, most of the stories only frustrate their daughters, who are at a loss to interpret what they really mean. Lindo manages to be honorably released from her marriage; she also travels to San Francisco where she marries and has three children, one a daughter named Waverly.

Thus, by the last chapter of the book, Jing-mei will come to represent a figure of hope for both generations, that they might understand each other better than they had thought, that they might share in a dialogue of love that often transcends linguistic and cultural barriers.

She has always been a model of success, winning chess tournaments as a child and eventually building a lucrative career as an attorney. She understands their fears about their daughters, their distress at the idea that their hopes and dreams may not survive them in these modern American women for whom so many of the old values no longer have meaning.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. An-mei learns how her mother was forced into a dishonorable marriage with Wu Tsing when he raped her so she would be forced to marry him, thereby—ultimately—giving him a son; because of what he did, she has had no control over her own life.

After the tiles are mixed, each player builds a wall two tiles high and about seventeen tiles long. She entirely dominates the household in Tientsin, providing an example of extreme female power in a patriarchal society. Critical Reception Many critics have asserted that although the characters in The Joy Luck Club are Chinese-American, their struggles have a strong resonance for all people, especially women raised in America.

She went to live in his household in the city of Tientsin. Without any say in her future, Lindo is used as barter to please a more powerful family. The walls are pushed together to form a square. Lindo and Waverly began to develop an unusual relationship based on inferior and superiority.

The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan - Essay

This section also introduces the theme of identity and heritage. See also Amy Tan Criticism. Although several reviewers have argued that the novel presents stereotypical portrayals of China and of Chinese people, many critics feel that it addresses important universal issues and themes—common to all, despite their age, race, or nationality.

The theme of discovering identity is played on many times by Amy Tan through the relationship of Lindo and Waverly Jong.Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club was her first published novel (in ) and is about mother-daughter relationships. In the novel, the stories are sometimes biographical to Amy Tan's life (e.g., when.

The Joy Luck Club is a collection of sixteen interrelated stories, centered around the diverse emotional relationships of four different mother/daughter pairs. To escape war and poverty, the four.

Mother/Daughter Relationships In The Joy Luck Club Essay Sample

of the Mother and Daughter Relationship Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club In the novel, The Joy Luck Club, the author, Amy Tan, intricately weaves together the roles and experiences of Chinese mothers with their American born daughters. Mother/daughter relationships are a significant aspect of the Joy Luck Club.

Characteristics of each mother/daughter relationship relate to the four main themes of the novel. These being, parent/child conflict, the discovery of identity, the idea of balance and harmony as well as the use of symbolism. The Joy Luck Club Suyuan Woo & Jing-mei "June" Woo - Suyuan happily lived in Kweilin until the civil war began.

Danger came closer to the city and Suyuan was forced to leave with a few of her belongings and her two daughters. The ThemeTracker below shows where, and to what degree, the theme of Mother-Daughter Relationships appears in each chapter of The Joy Luck Club.

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An analysis of the relationship of mother and daughter in the story the joy luck club
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