An essay on evils of unemployment in nigeria

As conventional tasks become more automated and more convenient, some employees find their posts obsolete. To suggest appropriate strategies for the reduction of unemployment in the society.

Cause & Effect Essay: Unemployment

This is the very cause of disappointment among our educated youths. One of the things that cause unemployment in Nigeria is that the old men and women that are in offices who are not supposed to be there again are still occupying the positions that others are to take.

Is unemployment syndrome so rampant in rural areas than in the urban? Conclusion Nobody in the Federal Republic of Nigeria should fold hands and expect the major pressing issue in the country, unemployment, to go overnight.

In this study therefore, we are going to examine the causes and consequences of unemployment in the society with Ika North East as a case study. The establishments made by private individuals contribute so much to the growth of manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

It will take at least 20 years before the economy needs to respond to growing demand. Its usefulness is found in many departments of any establishment in the world of today. Mccleland made an assumption about people which say that man is not often looked upon as a rational economic man, social man, self actualizing man and complex.

It affects the economic and socio-political life of the society, so embarking on a research of this nature has always been to ultimately find out the causes and consequences of unemployment and then find solutions to the problems affecting the society.

Agricultural practices in the country are mostly manual, that is by the use of manpower. The primary aim of setting up Government is to help reduce the problem of the subjects but over here in Nigeria, Government has become our biggest problem, elect or appoint someone in a position today the next minute he will give the wife one illegal office called office of the first lady, some even go as far as having office of the mother of the governor, all just for the hunger for "POWER" and there are so many other offices that are not supported by the constitution, yet Government sponsors these offices and their activities and even most of the legal offices in Nigeria have used their position to legalize outrageous pays in the name of ALLOWANCES yet same people will cry in front of cameras " OHHH!!!

Many who participated have their own farms today. This shows that they play important role in the country. More essays like this: He or she must present the certificate that shows that he went to training for acquisition of skill before being admitted for any study in tertiary institutions.

CRIME — Refers to any wrong which affects the interest of the society as a whole and for which the offender is liable to punishment. There are lots of people who are occupying positions in offices that are too old to be there.

SOCIETY — A society is a group of people who live in a particular geographical location and its people are subject to a common system of political authority, and are aware of having a distinct identity from other groups around them.

When the mindsets of many are changed to good by teaching them in seminars to acquire some other important skills apart from their area of specialization, the unemployment rate in my country, Nigeria, will be reduced.

The rescinding in the number of roles from multiple sides overwhelms the employment market and we finish with a shortfall in jobs. Persons temporarily or indefinitely laid-off without pay. The picture portrayed by Lampan above, was actually what happened in Nigeria, were especially during the oil boom period that has resulted to the unemployment situation in the country.

Any person who gains admission into tertiary institutions without first acquiring skill or skills is like castings made through sand casting process with lots of defects in that casting.

The three main causes of unemployment are economic conditions, new technology, and increasing populations. To examine efforts by the government both state and federal, individual organization in employment generation.

Causes And Effects Of Unemployment On Society

In the same vein, the Federal Government could compel the various multi-national companies operating in Nigeria, to establish a farm as a way of boosting the economy and engaging more job-seeking Nigerians, to reduce unemployment in the country.

In his result, he discovered that the utter neglect paid on agricultural development in a bid towards the realization of industrial economic ambition in the underdeveloped Africa is responsible for their employment problems.

With no reason to continue paying them, they lose their jobs as the job simply disappears. When corruption is taken as normal routine, functions which are to be performed by three or even four persons are taken up by only one person and that one person collects all the salaries meant for the three or four persons.

Unemployment causes crime like robbery, prostitution, drug trafficking. To which factor could unemployment be attributed?

Self-employment is important but in some cases and it calls for self-discovery. It has numerous consequences to society it visits. He acquired important skill acquisition on acting and then used it as a source of income.

Linda Ikeji is a young Nigerian lady and blogger who make more than 3 million naira per month in the country. The most pitiable of it is that most youths of the country are crying day and night because of the "wicked unemployment" in the country.5 Major Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria.

NF. 48 Comments. Share Apt in every way. I personally think in Nigeria’s case corruption is the root of all our evils. We all need to make a commitment to ourselves, to our communities and the country as a whole to fight corruption.

Youth Restiveness and Unemployment in Nigeria Essay Sample

We are try to cheat the system and we succeed but the. Youth Unemployment in Nigeria Words | 5 Pages. Youth Unemployment in Nigeria INTRODUCTION Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous country in the world with a population of, citizens.

Our nominal GDP is $ billion and we have a nominal per capita income of $1, In achieving this, this paper draw a nexus between corruption and unemployment, going forward to identify and analyse corrupt practices in the country and how it has impacted the unemployment rate in the country, thereafter, proffer solutions to the problems of unemployment in Nigeria by suggesting some mechanisms that will help to curb the.

Unemployment in Nigeria and Solutions

In Nigeria, in the national unemployment rate estimated by the office of statistics was percent of the labor force. The unemployment rate increased to percent in and percent inbefore falling to percent in This was as a result of measures taken under the SAP.

In Nigeria for instance, the Niger Delta region which is unarguably the bedrock of the oil industry in Nigeria permeated the news for a lengthy period of time as the youths of that region tried various means of getting government and oil companies to pay attention to their dire conditions of living and alleviate their sufferings since according to them, the.

Nigeria Essay: Oil Theft in Nigeria One may argue that Nigeria’s GDP comes solely from its natural resources, namely crude oil It is a rentier state that allows foreign multi .

An essay on evils of unemployment in nigeria
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