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The gesture is grand and like all grand gestures absurd. Most of us when not busy working are busy playing; we ride, play tennis or golf, swim or gamble; but I saw myself doing nothing at all. I would lounge through the morning, dawdle through the afternoon, and loaf through the Bum maugham.

I sauntered through the parish church; it is picturesque with its gargoyles and flying buttresses, and the salt wind and the Bum maugham sun have patined its harsh and massive walls with the mellowness of age; its cupola is covered with white and blue tiles. I watched the people crossing the square; negroes, Indians, Creoles, and Spanish, the motley people of the Spanish Main; I would read the entire works of Nick Carter.

But the professional writer is seldom a disinterested reader. That of course is its excuse. I wished my reading to be but another form of idleness. I was stuck in Vera Cruz. I wandered down side streets and peeped into quaint courts. I Bum maugham not remember when last I had had a moment to myself.

In the week I promised myself I should naturally read, for to the habitual reader reading is a drug of which he is the slave; deprive him of printed matter and he grows nervous, moody, and restless; then, like the alcoholic bereft of brandy who will drink shellac or methylated spirit, he will make do with the advertisements of a paper five years old; he will make do with a telephone directory.

Then I found that I had seen all that was to be seen and I sat down in the coolness of the arcade that surrounded the square and ordered a drink. The coco-palms drooped dusty and bedraggled. Time, because it is so fleeting, time, because it is beyond recall, is the most precious of human goods and to squander it is the most delicate form of dissipation in which man can indulge.

Great black buzzards perched on them for a moment uneasily, swooped to the ground to gather some bit of offal, and then with lumbering wings flew up to the church tower. I took a room in the Hotel Diligencias overlooking the plaza, and spent the morning looking at the sights of the town.

The sun beat down on the plaza with a merciless splendour.

Somerset Maugham. THE BUM

Cleopatra dissolved in wine a priceless pearl, but she gave it to Antony to drink; when you waste the brief golden hours you take the beaker in which the gem is melted and dash its contents to the ground.

My mind would be a slate and each passing hour a sponge that wiped out the scribblings written on it by the world of sense. I made up my mind that if ever the happy day arrived when I could enjoy untroubled leisure I would complete an enterprise that had always tempted me, but which hitherto, like an explorer making reconnaissances into an undiscovered country, I had done little more than enter upon:, God knows how often I had lamented that I had not half the time I needed to do half the things I wanted.

But I had always fancied myself choosing my moment with surroundings to my liking, not having it forced upon me; and when I was suddenly faced with nothing to do and had to make the best of it like a steamship acquaintance whom in the wide waste of the Pacific Ocean you have invited to stay with you in London and who turns up without warning and with all his luggage I was not a little taken aback.W.

Somerset Maugham Collected Short Stories VOLUME 3 CONTENTS MISS KING THE HAIRLESS MEXICAN GIULIA LAZZARI THE TRAITOR HIS EXCELLENCY MR HARRINGTON'S WASHING SANATORIUM MISS KING It was not till the beginning of September that Ashenden, a writer by profession, who had been abroad at the.

Complete short stories of W. Somerset Maugham.

Maugham authored such classic novels as Of Human Bondage and The Painted Veil (both of which have been turned into movies), Bum maugham practically created spy fiction with his character Ashenden (who would influence John Le Carre and Ian Fleming with James Bond), and managed to also write many great short stories, plays and essays.

W. Somerset Maugham's The Bum - Clip - 52 Films in 52 Weeks - Duration: 62 seconds. Somerset Maugham. THE BUM. Материал готовится, пожалуйста, возвращайтесь позднее. God knows how often I had lamented that I had not half the time I needed to do half the things I wanted.

I could not remember when last I had had a moment to myself. "The Bum By Maugham" Essays and Research Papers The Bum By Maugham A True Dharma Bum One of the most powerful quotes in the entire book that I feel sums.

Directed by Travis Mills. With Eric Almassy, Tenley Dene, Travis Mills, Rohan Shetty. A man's life changes when he recognizes a bum on the streets as one of .

Bum maugham
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