Elephantiasis case study

Giant scrotal elephantiasis of inflammatory etiology: a case report

Abstract Background Scrotal lymphedema is rare outside endemic filariasis regions in Africa and Asia. What this worm parasite does Is it works its way Into the body and causes a blockage that interrupts the regular lymphatic system flow. Elephantiasis is caused by a couple of different things such as the bite of a mosquito, or that of a biting fly infected either of which is infected with a worm parasite.

Lymphatic filariasis

This permanently sterilizes the adult worms, which additionally die within 1 to 2 years instead of their normal 10 to 14 year lifespan. Microscopy showed hypocellular smears with an occasional lymphocyte in a proteinaceous background.

Elephantiasis case study polyp was considered as another possible differential diagnosis. This is our comfort zone. It is usually caused by acquired infection e. Elephantiasis is an uncommon chronic manifestation of filarial infection, secondary to lymphatic involvement.

Elephantiasis: Case Study

These parasites spread by mosquito bites. That rings true whether you are an internist or an orthopaedic surgeon.

Grossly, it was a single, polypoidal soft tissue mass measuring 5. Patient was followed up after every three weeks. Other possible differential diagnoses were excluded, and ancillary tests were performed to reach a conclusive diagnosis of vulval elephantiasis on histopathology.

The disease is transmitted by parasites carried by mosquitoes, and damages the lymphatic system and kidneys.


Homeopathic treatment helps only reduce the frequency of Filariasis infection to certain extent. The dermis and subcutis showed dense collagenization and contained numerous dilated lymphatics Figure 1.

In tropical areas Insects live to grow and mature all year round which offers them uninterrupted life cycles and makes the disease infected insects so much harder to eradicate. In addition, deep dermis showed a few noncaseating granulomas along with foreign body giant cells Figure 2.

Eliminating elephantiasis in Africa

Case Presentation An year-old, unmarried female presented with the complaint of low grade fever on and off and a perineal swelling. What are some other common names for ENV? Mosquito vector for disease transmission in humans is Culex quinquefasciatus for bancroftian filariasis, whereas the genus Mansonoides for brugian filariasis [ 7 ].

His case was studied in detail: In most other climates the insect population is killed off almost completely with the colder temperatures especially frozen temperatures, hence why there are no bugs In Antarctica.

Many superficial decubitus ulcers were found on the dorsal aspect of the scrotum. The patient was a migrant from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. He was very successful in his business due to his eye for quality and punctual ness, and hardworking nature.Vulval elephantiasis is very rare, and vulval elephantiasis as a consequence of lymph node destruction by tuberculosis, as evidenced in our case reports, is rarer still.

Case Reports in Infectious Diseases

We present our cases to draw attention to this rare condition. Case Study: Elephantiasis Preceptor Presentation Spring Ashkan Rastegar [email protected] Lymphadenitis (Lymphangitis) Lymphedema Elephantiasis Swelling of affected body parts Lymphatic drainage in the area is permanently compromised The skin thickens and hardens after excessive swelling associated with lymphedema%(1).

Case Study A year-old, unmarried female from Arambag presented with Low grade fever on and off and a perineal swelling for 2 years, slowly increasing to its present, no lymphadenopathy. Elephantiasis Unit 3 Case Study 1 Jessica Beadles Dr. Stephen Brown Anatomy and Physiology 2 7/07/ Abstract With this case study, I am presenting to the class the medical condition called Elephantiasis.

Introduction. Elephantiasis is a chronic manifestation of filariasis; it commonly affects limbs, scrotum, and trunk.

Females have lower incidence of filarial infection. Vulval elephantiasis due to filariasis is still rarer. It is difficult to make the diagnosis on histopathology alone, more so in view of the fact that the parasite is usually not.

Case presentation. We present a case of a year-old European man with massive elephantiasis of the scrotum attributed to chronic inflammation of the lower urinary tract caused by urinary outlet obstruction and diabetes mellitus.

Elephantiasis case study
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