Ethics and contracting

Integrity, to a procurement officer in the international marketplace, means believing that the public trust is so important that it cannot be compromised. Competing Fairly A competitive market gives you feedback on the value you are offering to customers as compared with your competitors.

The procurement officer must perform regulated tasks consistently according to the specified procedures and take a leadership role to help Ethics and contracting and stakeholders understand and follow them as well. If a rule or regulation must be reconsidered or changed, the procurement officer should pursue the appropriate process to submit the recommended revision through established channels and include complete documentation to explain and justify the proposed change.

UN procurement officers must be constantly aware of how their actions appear to outside observers. Due diligence requires that all activities by procurement officers be pursued in Ethics and contracting manner that goes beyond the minimum effort. Acting without consideration of personal gain.

Interpret and apply rules in accordance with their intent. Because public procurement involves the use of and accountability for public funds, transparency is, perhaps, paramount in all procurement activities.

Transparency Transparency means unimpeded visibility. The successful execution of such a contract delivers advantages to both parties, and both parties have a stake in avoiding problems. For the international official, however, the Charter also requires integrity as a public official, and especially as an international public official.

External scrutiny External scrutiny is transparency outside the UN, such as examination by Member States, the press, external auditors, or other outside observers.

Apply the same standards of evaluation to all the suppliers equal treatment. Resisting undue political pressure in decision making. Determining Prices Ethically You have to have some basis for determining your prices, such as cost plus profit or market levels.

Know what caused the rules and regulations to be enacted. When you obtain a contract through fair competition, you know that you have been successful in presenting exceptional value.

It refers to the notion that almost anyone can observe UN activities and watch how the UN conducts its business. Permitted exceptions to requirements should be kept to a minimum and be fully justified and documented. Observing Laws and Regulations Laws and regulations protect the consumer, employees and other market participants.

They shall not communicate to any Government, model, person or any other source of information known to them by reason of their official position that they know or ought to have known has not been made public except as appropriate in the normal course of their duties or by authorisation of the Secretary General.

Business Contracts & Ethics

Even though details of pricing data or trade secrets may be held confidential, procurement officers should always assume that how they do their work is available to the public.

Once you have calculated the contract price, you have to ensure that you present it in a transparent fashion, without hidden costs. In the context of impartiality and fairness and accordance with the definition above, the procurement officer should: When a conflict of interest arises because of factors beyond your control, such as your company considering a contract with a supplier in which a member of your family has an interest, you have to address the issue publicly.

When a competitor receives the contract, you have to work on reducing prices or increasing quality. Even if your adherence to laws is not likely to be verified, an ethical company prepares and executes contracts within such constraints.

In an international arena, the damage can be immense and even unthinkable. Therefore, procurement officers and assistants must always conduct themselves in such a way that any scrutiny would not damage the UN or its leaders, member organizations, staff, or programmes.Acquisition Central: Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct National Contract Management Association: The Contract Management Code of Ethics Resources (1).

This ethics site is provided by DPAP to emphasize the importance of ethics and integrity to the Department of Defense. This site also provides many resources for the acquisition community on ethics and acquisition integrity issues, including publications, and memoranda from the Secretary of Defense and the Under Secretary of Defense (AT&L).

Ethics is the basis on which most of the procurement related principles, such as fairness, integrity, and transparency, are based. Professional standards of ethical conduct, no matter what the organization, contain typical characteristics, including commitments to. 1 ETHICS AND GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING By Andrew Mohr and Kelly Kroll The Federal Acquisition Regulations ("FAR") were revised during the Fall of to add.

Ethics & Procurement Integrity What You Need to Know as a Federal Employee Involved in the Procurement and Acquisition Process U.S. Office of Government Ethics.

To promote compliance with such code of business ethics and conduct, contractors should have an employee business ethics and compliance training program and an internal control system that— (1) Are suitable to the size of the company and extent of its involvement in Government contracting.

Ethics and contracting
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