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In return, the inmate offers them street protection and financial security. Some of those topics are listed below: The paper is sent to you Samples Since its foundation, the team of professional writers has been successfully working on the orders.

These groups have existed for a very long period.

Wortley, Scot and Julian Tanner. This particular group has various ways of gaining money that include using force or pressure, drug sell, and prostitution. However, these gangs cannot be referred to as prison gangs because they did not originate from the prison. The gang progressively developed and become a criminal enterprise.

References Astwood Strategy Corporation. These groups have their leaders who organize activities by the help of information collected from outside sources.

These drugs include cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin. Use the order calculator below and get ordering with accurateessays. The Crips are said to have more than 35, members in gangs across 30 states and cities in the US.

This group represent northern California and are identified by tattoos on their bodies normally a dagger with the letters NF.

It further explains how the activities are conducted. Prisoners affiliate themselves with different groups for security and reputation purpose. Different to popular belief, modern day prison gangs are tremendously intelligent and structured. Bad Education Schools are not immune from gang influence and violence.

The gang is also involved in criminal activities like theft, burglary, shooting and homicides. This is one of the oldest gangs in prisons. Females are the most preferred to smuggle these goods.

The gang functions under a revolutionary structure of the president, deputy president, major generals, captains, and lieutenants May Gang members run to these areas to escape increased police presence or crackdowns on their traditional turf.

Each of these gangs was created to endure in ethnologically segregated situations. Strengthening protective factors plays an important role in reducing youth gang involvement.

This group was established during s. This involved developing a comprehensive listing of risk and protective factors related to gang involvement.

You can easily order it from us. New inmates often affiliate themselves with various groups for protection purposes. Prison gangs often fight for power. Corrections, Mental Health, and Social Policy: The gang was formed as a revolutionary organization with goals of eradicating racism and maintaining dignity within the prison and with the intention to take over the American Government.

They have frequently proved their efficiency of creating succeeding businesses, effectively leading massive organizations, and avoiding detection from the justice system.

However, this structure was later abolished as the gang members tried to establish equality among themselves. Gatti, Uberto, Richard E. They work hard to control the drug sales, gambling, and male prostitution. The research concentrates on adult American prisons and comprises both country confines and state prisons unit of analysis.

It directs participants to more positive activities and assigns them with a mentor, often a former gang member who has turned their life around, to provide much-needed guidance. The group is fierce and regularly involves in murder-for-hire jobs.

The group obtains these items through family members and friends.

Youth gang involvement: What are the risk factors?

They attend college courses offered within the prison system and take much interest in learning as much as they can. Data collection period was from to that involved a number of prison heads and specific inmates who answered questions through mails.Argumentative Persuasive Gangs Teen Essays - Gang Violence.

Solutions to Gang Violence in Society Essay - Gang violence is a major problem in our society today. Free Essay: Gangs are made up of a big “family”, which includes men, woman, and children.

Gang Violence Essay; Gang Violence Essay. Words 4 Pages. Show More. Leading contributing factors of youth violence include the media, the influence of family life, widespread abuse of drugs and alcohol, the ease of access to weapons and.

Those who do join gangs tend to have specific risk factors that influence their involvement and membership in gangs. To effectively prevent youth from joining gangs it is essential to understand these risk factors.

Sep 27,  · Gang violence is becoming a known threat in our country. Gang violence is defined as a group of people by repetitive socializing individuals or close friends with recognizable influence and inner coordination.

The Influence of Gangs on Youth. 4 Pages Words November Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! These current gangs have the maximum influence in prisons today. These gangs operate according to the prisons that they occupy. Each of these gangs was created to endure in ethnologically segregated situations.

Gang influence essay
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