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This way of speaking may have had a touch of truth for him that it does not for readers jaded, and insulated.

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With his writing style, you really do feel like you were there. This story is so good I visualized the whole thing as I read it like I was watching a movie.

John Parker never allowed himself to be photographed,it is amazing that a man this courageous and fearless had to worry his image might be used to settle an old grudge.

His later life after freedom and getting married starting a family and a prosperous business, and inventor robbed of his first invention as a slave.

He took the road few UGRR operators ever did he went behind the lines. John Parker credits his white father for that, his imagination and ability to hate. It is too good for one movie, more like a mini series. This book has got to be one of the best books I have ever read in my life.

Parker describes his events of being a former slave and how defied his white masters to reach freedom. The events he tells of here read like an adventure novel. Inspirational, tragic, dramatic, adventurous, humorous, a wonderful ending to boot This way of speaking may have had John Parker led an amazing life.

Just go buy it and own it He always armed himself and walked in the middle of the street so that he was not jumped by the many who wanted to kill him, this man would go further and take more risks than most any man alive.

His encounters with the white conductors in Ripley prompted him to move there.


The White abolitionists could speak out and ofter respite to the fugitives and they risked everything too, but the ones most often unnamed or overlooked in the UGRR story were the black conductors, even years after the war they faced racism and kept a low profile.

It will be hard to top this! In this John Parker moved to Ripley after buying his own freedom in Alabama. Parker stood alone perhaps because he lived that life of a slave desperate to escape that most the others had not.

After becoming free, Parker then sought to build a safeway house for fugitive slaves. His earlier attempts at escaping north were worthy of its own book. Although, this book is a short read, it gives great testament of what the slaves endured in bondage and along freedom road.

But the way he tells his story also hints at how he thought, and that always somehow gets polished out of even sensitive later histories. The UGRR was driven by the escaping Freedom seekers, the slaves themselves were often conductors who could have freed themselves but stayed to help others out first.

He was a large, strong, distant man who never bragged was educated by proxy from the children of his master. Parker for a day!

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Maybe these make sense in a 19th century world of sermons and Shakespeare-revival, but Parker lived dramatically and won moral victories. Some of the stories are funny and others inspiring, and others far better than fiction. This is one of those books you cannot put down, even though it was written in a time when it was still excepted by educated people that whites had a superior intellect.

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It also illustrates the struggles that Parker and his Excellent primary source of the Underground Railroad. He then became a conductor and rescued over slaves from the South. It also illustrates the struggles that Parker and his peers faced when rescuing slaves from bondage.

Hardcover Verified Purchase I love biographies, and non fiction finding the truth is sometimes so interesting fiction only can copy it. All of their stories deserve to be heard, I am so glad Frank Gregg the original source of the story asked his former neighbor John Parker about his life, or we would never have it today.Below is an essay on "His Promised Land" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

John P. Parker’s self written biography tells the inspiring story of his battle against slavery of his fellow African American people. His Promised Land book review essaysThe autobiography of John P.

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Parker, a former slave and "conductor" of the Underground Railroad, could be best described as the life time battle of one man against slavery of the African American people.

In his own definition of this great injustice, tha. HIS PROMISED LAND.

His Promised Land

The Autobiography of John P. Parker, Former Slave and Conductor on the Underground Railroad KIRKUS REVIEW A rip-roaring adventure yarn lies at the heart of this recently discovered autobiography.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention. Book review of His promised land. 6 pages ( words) New York: W W Norton, Web Introduction This paper reviews His Promised Land, John Parker’s autobiography.

Parker was born to a slave mother and a white father in in Norfolk, Virginia. Let us find you essays on topic Promised land for FREE!

In the words of an African American conductor on the Underground Railroad, His Promised Land is the unusual and stirring account of how the war against slavery was fought—and sometimes won.

John P. Parker (—) told this dramatic story to a newspaperman after the Civil War. Book Details. Paperback; January ; ISBN. Write an essay addressing three major themes discussed in Sprague, Stuart Seely, His Promised Land. Your essay should include a brief summary of the book—no more than two or three paragraphs—and a thoughtful analysis of how Sprague addresses your identified themes in his work.

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