How we can promote the reading habit among students

Set a new goal. But I like to read whatever I can lay my hands on. Periodically, assess your goal. Most of them visit regularly, if not often. There are no rules for how to phrase. However, every year, students keep their plastic sheets and read with it all the time.

So, I teach the list at the beginning of the year. They read on the same topic or in an author or genre series for a long time if they wish. If students can not keep this pace, slow it down. Use an index card to track the words if you need to.

At the beginning of the year, I let each student select a colored plastic sheet and try it.

Start by reading 20 minutes. With the technological advancements in the satellite era, reading habit is said to have taken a beating, or it seems. I can ask constantly, "Does this make sense? Periodically, I assess my goal, set a new goal, and keep a record of my progress.

Therefore, we tried reading texts we liked so we might manage test materials as well. Some students hyper-focus on reading every word correctly and they lose comprehension. Often readers just keep reading even when the book stops making sense or when the reader quits paying attention.

We have about 6, books, but students have so much pressure to score high marks and concentrate on their career that they only read textbooks.

A good book is considered panacea for mental agony one suffers during day-to-day life. Provide time in school to build reading time to 90 minutes in one sitting. In 2 weeks, try To that end, students make reading book bags.Nowadays, most students are less keen on developing their reading habits.

Still, to be able to stand on the same ground as other leading countries, this habit should be instilled on the students. Many parties especially the government and teachers are concerned with the students declining reading habits. To help, I teach lessons to address good reading behaviors and explain why and how they will help the students.

However, I can’t force readers to use them. I can make sure we check in periodically with one another to see how work on the habits is going. v. To ascertain the relationship between reading habit and academic performance Research questions The objectives were achieved based on finding answers to the following research questions: i.

What are the reading habits among students? ii. Does reading habit have effect on academic performance? iii. Reading habit back among students.

says, "As I have observed as a whole, reading habit is picking up. We have library classes every week for all students. Help us delete comments that do. Sangkaeo () found that reading habit among students is hindered by many factors.

He emphasized on the role of local institutes and organizations in the promotion of reading habits. Reading Habits among UiTM Students: A case study in Shah Alam campus LITERATURE REVIEW Reading is one aspect that has received increasing attention in research studies in recent years.

Generally, the reading habit is very encouraging and a wide variety of materials was read, ranging from local newspapers, magazines, journals and books to foreign publications.

How we can promote the reading habit among students
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