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RO-RO is an innovative means of establishing a synergistic relationship between the railways and the roadways instead of being competitors. Which is very competitive.

Konkan Railway’s RORO saves 750 lakh litre diesel

Now, on an average 50 trucks are carried per rake and upto three rakes are loaded per day. Since freight traffic is considered the bread and butter of railways, Konkan Railway came up with the innovative RO-RO service whereby loaded goods trucks are carried piggy back on railway flat waggons.

However, ro-ro service has eliminated that problem and enabled door-to-door service to the end user," he said. So carriages will need proper boundary or there should be some sleeper coaches in which passengers of vehicles can sleep.

The RO-RO service is eco-friendly and cheaper than the road transport. Konkan Railway has two such plants on its route and each plant saves nearly 10 million litres of water annually.

The popularity of the service can be seen from the fact that over 3. The railway board of India is considering its practicability," he said. The success of this Konkan railways roro can also be gauged from the fact that even Indian Railways has made use of the concept developed by KRCL and introduced it in other parts of the country, he said.

The service has helped the railways to get back the piecemeal traffic which had got diverted to the road sector. At the destination, truck can be driven off the train and driven straight to final destination.

The concept is now being emulated in the Indian Railways. Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day! A reflection of its popularity can be gauged from the fact that against an average of 1. Cargo needs to be loaded on truck, taken to railway yard, unload and load to a cargo container and repeat the process at destination to take the goods to final destination.

Instead of unloading cargo from truck on to train, simply keep the entire truck on the railway carriage. That is RORO for you. Fleet owners were contacted and apprised of the benefits of the service. This will make it attractive for transporters to ensure their trucks reach the starting point at Surathkal accordingly.

For the nation, the advantage lies in the fact that each ro-ro rake carries 40 trucks, saving approximately 10 litres of diesel per kilometer.

Driver fatigue, wear n tear etc extra. June 04, Delivery is within 12 hrs for Kolad-Verna, within 22 hrs for Kolad-Surathkal, which by road would take atleast about 24 hrs and 40 hrs respectively. But once the service started, within a few months it gained patronage through word of mouth.Konkan Railway's unique RO-RO service set to complete 15 yrs on Republic Day - The unique and innovative RO-RO (Roll-on Roll-off) service of Konkan Railway, being run by it on its route, will be completing 15 years of its successful operation on January 26, It was on January 26 in that the service was first started by Konkan Railway on its.

RORO stands for Roll On, Roll OFF. It is a brilliant concept executed by Konkan Railway. I had heard about this earlier but hadn’t seen in. Inthe corporation introduced the Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) service, a unique road-rail synergy system, on the section between Kolad in Maharashtra and Verna in Goa, which was extended up to Surathkal in Karnataka in Indian Railways; Konkan Railway Corporation; References.

Konkan Railway Corporation

Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd (KRCL) is making all out efforts to woo transporters from this part to use its Roll-on-Roll-Off (RoRo) services by enco. Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.

the Sky Bus and RORO are a few of the innovations from Konkan Railways. RORO. Trucks on train, RORO. RORO means Roll-on/roll-off, where loaded trucks are directly carried by railway wagons to their destination.

Konkan Railways passes through tough terrains of India. There is NH passing through same Headquarters: Navi Mumbai. Konkan Railway's Ro Ro (Roll On Roll Off) train is a complete rake of trucks which are transported between Roha-Verna-Surathkal. There are services per week.''RORO means Roll On Roll Off, where loaded trucks are .

Konkan railways roro
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