Marketing plan for gardenia bread industries

For instance, they can consider distributing their breads and cakes to East Malaysia. Fixed costs to produce Gardenia products equal almost RM52,Their wide varieties of products are available in almost all hypermarkets, supermarkets and even neighborhood stores. The understanding of the need for strong branding and emphasis on marketing gives us a competitive edge over others bread market.

It is a network that made up of the company, suppliers, distributors, and ultimately customers who Marketing plan for gardenia bread industries with each other to improve the performance of the entire system.

Decrease Malaysian people eating bread. While for the Halal status of Gardenia bread, a special Halal Committee is formed to scrutinise every aspect of the Halal regulations and to ensure that all requirements are stringently adhered to.

Gardenia has over 20, outlets throughout Malaysia, excluding Sabah and Sarawak. Besides that, Gardenia also forges marketing channels, especially retailers, such as hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, to act as intermediaries to help distributing their baked products available for consumption by the final consumers.

High 5 Double Cream Roll flavors: It started manufacturing loaves with no trans fat, no cholesterol and chockfull of vitamins. Gardenia has over outlets throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Gardenia Marketing Plan

For instance, it uses Mass Media such as television to promote its products and to introduce new products to the customers while ensuring customers to remember about their existing products by using radios. Gardenia realizes that a good promotion is vitally important to create growth for the company.

Gardenia Marketing Target Strategy

All activities leads to the pollution of the environment. This is because they are too busy in working. How to Write a Summary of an Article? So, they may possibly buy normal white bread as their daily meal. As a result, the gross profit of Gardenia was declining based on its sales of each year that gives Their strong distribution network has enabled the company to supply more than retail outlets throughout the country in the year The customer can get the products easily in any retails without going to the main warehouse.

C because it has Low Adipose Tissue Fat-Storing Capacity and will assist our body in having better control over obesity. It is the sum of all the value that consumers give in order to gain the benefits of having or using the product and services.

Instead, they must cooperate with other firms in a larger value delivery network. Gardenia Breakthru Formula Mutliwholegrain Fibremeal?

Fixed cost include payment of debt, facilities lease cost, and other costs that Gardenia must maintain on a monthly basis. However, the company should more concern about the proportion of the net income gained by its sales which had declined from 7.

Gardenia Bakeries KL Sdn. Due to a very high demand of bread by the students in the universities, Gardenia can take this opportunity to increase its volume of sales by conducting a campaign on its products and implementing Gardenia Campus Plan.

Before they going to buy the food in package they will look at the label of contains nutrient in the package to help them choose food which is more wisely. For example, Gardenia can distribute survey form to the public by asking them what kind of packing could more attractive.

Ineffectiveness of promotion strategic If the promotion strategic fail to attract more customers and increase sales performance, the way that Gardenia can use is arrange all the promotion strategic. High 5 breads are made from the finest selected ingredients and baked to a unique European recipe, High 5 has the balance of 5 main nutrients with no artificial preservatives that our body needs that give us the energy, growth and good health to live a full life.

The factory at Puchong is specified in producing new products. Every relationship takes on additional significance as the sales potential of each customer increase. It also has folic acid, which is recommended for vitality and growth of our body, especially for expecting mothers and babies; and is cholesterol and bromated free for good health.

Due to a very high demand of bread by the students in the universities, Gardenia can take this opportunity to increase its volume of sales by conducting a campaign on its products and implementing Gardenia Campus Plan. They also use non-biodegradable plastic bags as packaging materials.Gardenia Food Industries (Gardenia) is a multinational company that founded in Malaysia on year in East Malaysia.

Gardenia originaly was founded by an American5/5(48). Marketing Plan for Gardenia 1. APU ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING 2.

Gardenia Bakeries (KL) (GBKL) is a subsidiary of a food listed company, QAF Ltd, who also operates Gardenia Singapore, Gardenia Philippines and will soon be opening Gardenia bakery in Fujian, China. This is a strategic marketing plan for Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd to sell their product “Auntie Rosie’s Natural Pandan Kaya” to the country “Australia” in the state of “Sydney”.

Overview of Gardenia Bakeries Sdn Bhd. Full Set of Marketing Plan. Gardenia Marketing then grown to medium-scale and now, the birth of a new trend called the boutique bakery.

The bread industry in Malaysia is flourishing very quickly and bread products are gaining much popularity.

Bakeries manufactures the European variety of breads.

the Gardenia and Stanson Bakeries are. CHAPTER 2: ANALYSIS OF MARKETING MIX STRATEGIES (4 P’s) Product Strategy Product Classification The Gardenia main product is the Gardenia Sandwich Bread which contains high protein flour and enriched with essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and various minerals.

-b) Support of charitable causes and sponsorship of community program: Gardenia has been supplying free bread and bakery products to more than 65 charity homes on a daily basis since -c) Helping to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in school children: initiate a free breakfast program in five schools in Malaysia, providing poor and.

Marketing plan for gardenia bread industries
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