Scariest moment in life in the story of my night in a closet

I knew he had seen it obviously the moment I looked at him, I had not seen this look on his face before, and so I continued acting as if I was surprised as to why he was in such shock. Like in your clothes the way campfire smoke lingers.

I noticed that there was something in the living room with us. It was during the war in London, and my dad was a baby. This went on for years until her kids finally sent her to a home and new people moved in.

Nothing can, it appeared in the centre of the side lane as we drove past, in the air. This homeless man was living in some sort of tunnel that goes straight to that door in the back of her closet.

There were also lanes which linked one town to the village. The bathroom night light was removed and placed under the sink. I jumped up crying and screaming and yelling. That was when we heard tapping coming from the glass doors of the balcony. This was so close to me I did not feel safe, at all.

By this time, I was sure that I was up. I sat up and stared back but I was terrified. The moment I walked into the room, I had an uneasy feeling that made my hairs on my arms stand on end.

So I let my friend drive the car Her friend was annoyed but agreed. I did not mention it or anything, and since feeling fine after driving past this side lane, I soon forgot about it.

One Of The Scariest Moments In My Life

Not as bad as that incident. However this happened not during an investigation, but during a drive with my friend - in my car. My grandmother was giving directions to their home from the highway, but the guy ignored her and went by their exit claiming he had to make a stop first.

Anyway, she was taking my dad upstairs to bed when a figure materialised on the stairs telling her not to sleep in that room tonight. There was a farm house far away at the end of the road, but this happened less than 2mtrs away from my car, very close to my side window.

Sure enough her phone is actually downstairs in her purse. She quickly went back downstairs and told her friend that she, and my dad, were sleeping in the sitting room that night. Apparently, Gran nearly passed out once she realised. With the arms in the air and in attack stance. I was so scared I turned the tv to the Disney channel and stayed awake for as long as possible.

We had not lost power. I wonder now if it was just because he was taking all her food. The light fixture in the shower, the ceiling fan above their bed, even a pinhole in the nursery were sending videos to a nearby location. Suicide was second only to dead kids.

The Scariest Moment of My Life

As I approached this lane, which was now on my right, closest to me Mind you the bodies were no longer there it was just site cleaning. When it started getting dark the three of them built a fire and sat around it, just talking and eating, normal stuff.

In my dream, I was talking to my mom in the living room. The oppressive atmosphere and general feeling of something wrong and frightening to me did not lift and my friend I stayed with was also afraid and was glad of me to stay with them in their room.

Stiff as a board. I basically wanted to know everything he saw, without giving any hint that I too had seen it, this was for my own verification.

I called the police who told me to wait with the body until they arrived. That I felt it was going to get me.I woke up 30 minutes later surrounded by EMT's, my mother (a nurse), and a ton of faculty.


They lost my pulse for 2 minutes, and were relieved when I finally opened my eyes. To this day, by far the most scary experience of my life. 10 of the Scariest Stories We've Ever Heard Before my dad left for work the next night, my mother sheepishly placed a large pair of sharp sewing sheers under her pillow.

"And that's why I. If you’re looking for something truly disturbing to keep you awake all night (and of course you are) here are the most bone-chilling real-life horror stories ever shared.

1. The Abandoned Asylum “Me and some friends went to an abandoned mental asylum at night not really expecting much. Apr 27,  · The scariest night of my life Jake Paul. Loading Unsubscribe from Jake Paul? The Story Of Someone Who Died At The Team 10 Mansion -. Back when I was about 6 years old me and my family moved onto some land that was given to my parents by my grandfather.

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Scariest moment in life in the story of my night in a closet
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