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The water which is currently in the new Fukushima storage tanks has already been filtered to remove radioactive Caesium. Any ocean naturally contains some radioactivity all of the time anyway. Quite frankly, scientifically speaking, the best thing to do with the mildly radioactive waste water would be to intentionally pour it into the sea.

There was no nuclear disaster. Total number of people killed by nuclear radiation at Fukushima was zero. What there was, solar business plan ppt slideshare a major media feeding frenzy fuelled by the rather remote possibility that there may have been a major radiation leak.

A lot of storage tanks have been built there to hold water that has been flushed through the damaged reactors to aid in cooling. The imagination then feeds the fear. Doubling a very small amount is still inconsequential.

The volume of water was about equal to a dozen home swimming pools. The Japanese govern ment introduced a forced evacuation of thousands of people living up to a couple of dozen kilometres from the power station.

Firstly let us get something clear. You can use PowerShow. There was no Fukushima nuclear disaster. The dismay reaction is that there is a body of anti-nuclear activists who do not want the public to know the truth, and the anti-nukes enjoy stoking the fear factor and maintaining public ignorance.

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It is like shouting: Total injured by radiation was zero. Poor management systems compounded matters and were implicated in the failure of the cooling circuit. There is truly something for everyone! On an internet blog some person stated that people on the north coast of Australia must be warned about the radiation in the sea coming from Fukushima.

Physicist: There was no Fukushima nuclear disaster

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At Fukushima a couple of weeks ago, some mildly radioactive water leaked into the sea. Reportedly, one of the one thousand storage tanks was not totally horizontal when it was built so when it was filled to the top some water overflowed on one side.

The human mind builds a very scary image in the imagination. Financially speaking and operationally speaking the reactors were wrecked, but nobody was killed or injured by any nuclear radiation.


In virtually all cases the contestants later say that the fearful experience was not actually as bad as they feared. No doubt the Japanese government is too scared to release this water into the sea because of the howl of criticism which would no doubt follow.

Meantime the Fukushima site now looks like an oil refinery.

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These variants are known as isotopes. The amusement comes from the fact that so many people can be scared so easily by so little. Let us now ponder the Fukushima nuclear incident which has been in the news again lately. It is like saying: The largest earthquake and consequent tsunami on record struck an ageing nuclear power plant which was built to a now obsolete boiling water reactor technology, and no nuclear damage resulted to people and property in the neighbourhood.

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Most hydrogen atoms have only a single proton in the nucleus and no neutrons. But the rules require the incident to be reported, even though the spillage was not of any biological consequence to anyone, or to any fauna or flora.

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Solar business plan ppt slideshare
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