Solved case study on business ethics

DevAnand is working as an under Secretary in the pension department. He decides not to goto office next morning and keeps the door key of rooftop with himself. The perception may or may not be true whether DevAnand is giving preferential treatment to Rosie during annual performance evaluation.

Dev Anand is an undersecretary in the PMO. Endorsements of commercial products by public officials can easily result in an unethical situation: When disaster assessment team comes, you tell them building collapsed by the cyclone, and ask them to give priority in funding after all police station is one the most important public offices in a town.

Righteous disobedience is better than Moral muteness. What should DevAnand do with the money? Are ethics practices and behaviors in the business world different than those found in public service? Therefore, it is best to keep auctions and other money raising activities out of the workplace irrespective of their noble aims.

Manipulating account books to keep the grant money. Frustrated Prem Chopra narrates this incident to his wife Bindu. My child is suffering from blood cancer. Solved case study on business ethics if Dev says no that time, it might create an impression Dev is biased towards certain employees- staff morale goes down.

Both received bullet injuries and father collapsed. Staff may not follow his lead with same enthusiasm afterwards. Pran, orders DevAnand to do following: Answer keypoints The shelf life of lie and deception is very low.

Pran requests him to stay and offers new package of Rs. Private endorsement by Public Official Prem Chopra runs a company that offers private security guards, CCTV, burglary alarm and other security devices.

Thus part of the office-time will diverted to selling products rather than solving crime Might even lead to internal rivalries about who is earning more commissions. Should DevAnand permit Pran to continue this endorsement activity? The newschannel anchor, Mr. Sue him for defamation?


Private matter of Public employee? He receives government grant of Rs. If Dev permits Pran, then other staff members will also start similar marketing. For last two years, a retired Government employee Mr. Those who commit misconduct out of ignorance should be treated less harshly.

Public servant has to remain politically neutral. Dev asks his IT expert friend GuruDutt to investigate. How does corrupt behavior resemble or differ from unethical behavior? He cannot go around giving informal tips to outsiders. Government sends a disaster assessment team to ascertain the level of damage and pay relief money.

Reprimand Prem Chopra once more? Role of public servant is to obey the will of the community- articulated through the elected members including the said Finance Minister.

DevAnand too acted in hasty manner. Due to staff shortage, Dev also performs the task of raising flag over the office building every morning and taking it down every evening, although it is not part of his official job description.

It breaks the office discipline, destroys the staff morale and allows the guilty person to cover his tracks. He has no relatives or children and my wife Bindu has been taking care of him like daughter since a long time.

Does or can courage have a price tag? Kaur struggled to shift her father into a vehicle to take him to hospital, Rana and his gang returned with a rifle and shot Ravinderpal Singh again in full public view. Salary hike vs Team spirit DevAnand has been serving as the Chief fire officer in city for over 3 years.Enter your email address to subscribe to Insights IAS and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Find case studies and scenarios on a variety of fields in applied ethics. Cases can also be viewed by the following categories: Bioethics. Business Ethics. Engineering Ethics. Ethical Issues for Students.

Business Ethics Case Study Business Ethics Case Study Benji Watson is the type of individual corporations everywhere would be proud to have on their team.

New Gen Health Sciences is not his only choice, and I do not believe it. > Downloads > Ethics Case Studies Solved (80 Case Studies)-A Must for Mains Ethics Case Studies Solved (80 Case Studies)-A.

Practice case studies They provide examples of work place ethical issues and include guidance on how to resolve them. The case studies are illustrative and should be read in conjunction with the guidance contained in the Code, in particular part A and part B of ICAEW’s Code of Ethics.

Solved case study on business ethics
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