The adverse effects of extravagant weddings

This improves the overall economic situation of not Just Lahore but Pakistan as a whole. MHPD also works closely with international organizations to facilitate the sharing of information. When asked about the actions taken the government Dry.

Organizers tend to over spend when it comes to weddings. More thought should be put towards actually establishing a secure future for the married couple. A large amount of food is leftover at the end of every wedding function and which is usually Just dumped out when it could be going too much halls may argue that they would have to incur added costs to ensure proper distribution of food, however if the effort is made they may each have one special location close to them where food can be transported.

Extravagant Indian weddings unaffected by adverse economic conditions Extravagant Indian weddings unaffected by adverse economic conditions Wedding season is rolling around again — which means it is time for that big fat Indian wedding.

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Usually this conduct leads to excess wastage of food, clothes that are bought for individual days and cannot be worn again, time taken out to attend the ceremony, time taken to set up and time taken to plan it all. And an immeasurable amount of electricity was conserved. Also, there is also much spending from families when giving gifts and also the families who have arranged the wedding usually end up spending a lot for giving gifts to the in-laws and so on.

These can be considered a form of pseudo-allergic reaction, as not all users experience these effects; many users experience none at all. Families often concede to pride when choosing a suitor for their child and henceforth select a family in equivalence to their social status.

The Adverse Effects of Extravagant Weddings in Lahore

The Punjab government understands the importance of weddings in the culture of Pakistan, however the Punjab government does not support over extravagant celebrations as it is a waste of resources. No prior research has been done on this so almost all of the findings will be through primary research to make it feasible and to cover all aspects and at best will shed and extensive light on the issue give the basis for further research.

Some people choose to celebrate all these events extravagantly which is not a need. M which add to the Government funds that may then be used for development and industrialization if correctly spent by the weddings and encourage investors and entrepreneurs to invest their money into the business while expecting financial benefits in return.

Extravagant weddings have negative effects?

In the case of wedding functions ending late at night, they ere thought to be unsafe for two main reasons. A questionnaire was passed around to gather the views that people had regarding certain aspects of weddings. Where does the money to hold such weddings come from?

However, some people choose to celebrate by having many events such as Mammon, Nikkei, Dholes, Emends, Bart and William.The Adverse Effects of Extravagant Weddings In Lahore going overboard with celebrations the biggest of which are wedding ceremonies.

A Pakistani wedding, like others, is a ceremony to celebrate the union of a bride and a groom. Extravagant Indian weddings unaffected by adverse economic conditions.

12 Most Extravagant Royal Weddings

Extravagant Indian weddings unaffected by adverse economic conditions big weddings are popular across the social spectrum.

Abuja – Some residents of Abuja on Friday said they discourage extravagant weddings because of the after effect on marriages, while others said affordability was a key factor. The residents, who.

Adverse effect

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The adverse effects of extravagant weddings
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