The emperors new clothes writing activities

Provide students with templates of a paper doll shape and remnants of fabric, scrapbook paper, yarns and fibers, beads, glitter and other craft materials. Drive small, headed nails about 1 inch apart all around the frame, from which you have removed the glass.

The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Beginning

Hook the loops around the nails on opposite sides of the frame. Ask students to write questions on index cards, with the answers on the back of the card. If one coat takes a yards of fabric and b yards of fur, how much is needed for c coats?

Read and Understand: 'The Emperor's New Clothes'

Not only were the texture and pattern uncommonly beautiful, but the clothes which were made of the magical stuff were invisible to anyone who was not rich enough, or was very stupid. If you are not sure, read the story again and think about the types of things he does and the people around him.

Allow students to work together to sort the words into groups. They bought two weaving-looms and began to work, but they had nothing on the looms. When the cloth is finished, pull the first loop in one corner off the nail and place it over the loop on the nail next to it.

Weave more loops under and over the loops in the other direction and hook them on the nails perpendicular to the original loops.

The Emperor's New Clothes Primary Resources

On the front of the tag, students write the vocabulary word, the part of speech as the word is used in the story, a non-verbal reminder of the word, a synonym and an antonym. Remove the cloth from the frame; use it as a hot pad. Provide the list for students for the following activities.

On the back of the card, students copy the dictionary definition, write their own paraphrase of the definition and use the word in a sentence that shows their understanding of the word. How many different outfits the Emperor can make if he has x coats, y trousers and z mantles?

Duplicate the cards and allow small groups to use them to play board games; players must correctly answer the question before moving according to the game rules.

He did not care about his soldiers, he did not care about the theatre; he only liked to go out walking around, showing off his new clothes. He had a coat for every hour of the day; and he spent all of his time in his wardrobe. Pull the loop that was on that nail over the top of the new loop and place it on the next nail.

Give students manila shipping tags to use for making study cards. Extend the lesson by allowing students to use the words to make a crossword puzzle or to write a short story. Extend this problem by adding a price per yard for the fabric and fur, listing notions and prices and asking students to calculate the cost of a coat or a number of coats.

Literature Unit for Students written by: How many coats did the Emperor have if he wore a different one every hour of the day and had a different set for each day of the week?KS1 The Emperor's New Clothes Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity Develop reading skills and independence with this great self-marking reading comprehension.

The Emperor's New Clothes KS1 Lesson Plan Ideas

Pupils answer questions based on a text and receive immediate feedback to show them which reading skills they have mastered and which they need to develop further. Emperor’s New Clothes Craft: Shopping for the Emperor’s New Clothes This activity was a big hit!

Classic Literature: The Emperor’s New Clothes

I cut out a felt emperor, shirts, pants, shoes, a robe, and a crown. Each had a set price (see the sheet below). The Emperor's New Clothes: Printable Writing Prompt Worksheets Print out the writing prompt activities with small sentence prompts to get your children writing!

Your child may choose to focus his own story on the themes within The Emperor's New Clothes, or he may let his imagination run wild.

The Emperor's New Clothes is a story by Hans Christian Andersen. It was written in and contains lots of words you wouldn't find in children's stories today.

It was written in and contains lots of words you wouldn't find in children's stories today. His story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” was first published in This activity includes the beginning of the story. Students read the passages and then complete 5 reading activities.

Get an idea of what you know about The Emperor's New Clothes by answering this quiz and worksheet combo. Topics include the Emperor's actual clothes in the story and a character from the story who.

The emperors new clothes writing activities
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