The reasons animal testing should be

Countries like New Zealand and Netherlands have banned the use of great apes and other primates for the purpose of testing. Imagine you sitting in a cage for the rest of your life.

Crash test dummies test devices which mimic humans have internal sensors and they can be used for experimentation instead of torturing living animals. Reponses Cosmetic testing is banned in Europe since It means, the mice or rats are not the correct means to speculate reactions in human beings, while only monkeys and chimpanzees are; they being closely related to humans.

Tissue engineering techniques can be used for culturing these cells. Here are a few arguments against animal testing that support the thought of banning this activity. OpinionFront Staff Last Updated: However, the fact remains that animals do suffer in such practices as they are made to undergo pain and face difficulty in adapting to the various changes their body undergos when experiments are conducted on them.

It should be understood that a monkey or a mouse would experience the same amount of pain that human beings would do, on being made to undergo certain painful procedures. We are happy to take your suggestions to add to our list. All veterinary research has relied on the use of animal research.

Mar 12, Actions of human beings, no matter how harmless they appear to be, have a great impact on the environment. Animals should be free of the cruelty scientists expose them to because they have just as much sentient as humans do.

Tissue culture methods, for example can be used as alternatives to animal testing.

Would you think its nothing! Smallpox has been eradicated from Earth thanks to research in animals. However, a careful study of this subject reveals that claims supporting the merit of animal testing holds the least amount of credibility.

All animal researchers, projects and facilities doing, or related to, animal research must be authorised by national regulatory bodies. A callous attitude towards the safety of animals is one of the main reasons for not using anesthesia when experimenting on animals.

Modern anaesthetics, the tetanus vaccine, penicillin and insulin all relied on animal research in their development. The problem is the small little modifiers, you know the channels and the receptors in those cells are just a little different than ours.

Banning animal testing will in no way hurt any advancements in the future. Russell and Burch first developed a 3-Rs system that is based on the principles of finding alternatives to animal testing. Enough animals are dying and suffering in the wild, why do you want to top it up? While Fleming discovered penicillin without using animals, he shared the Nobel Prize with Florey and Chain who, by testing it on mice, discovered how penicillin could be used to fight infections inside the body.

Forty reasons why we need animals in research

While non-animal methods play an important part of biomedical research, they cannot replace all use of animals. Statistics Dogs, cats and primates altogether account for less than 0.

Let us find more on why should animal testing be banned through facts presented in this write up Household cats kill approximately 5 million animals every week — more than the total number of animals used in medical research every year.

Many veterinary medicines are the same as those used for human patients: Animal research is responsible for the development of asthma inhalers.

John McCain, a politician from USA has deemed the practice of animal testing as ethically, scientifically and financially unsound.

Why Should Animal Testing Be Banned? Is Cruelty the Only Reason?

Animal welfare is underpinned by the 3Rs — there is a legal requirement to replace animals with alternatives, refine experimental techniques and reduce the numbers of animals used in research. The practice of animal testing should be banned, considering that it is harmful from the ethical, environmental as well as the economical point of view.

NuTru In addition, we can now ensure that our charitable contributions are not going toward non-human animal experiments.Forty reasons why we need animals in research These points have been drawn up to provide an accessible resource for anybody discussing the use of animals in research.

We are happy to take your suggestions to add to our list.

So who is right? Here are the top 10 reasons why animal testing is, if not a pleasant thing, both right and necessary. The Thalidomide Disaster Shows We Need Animal Testing; Thalomide was not properly tested resulting in disastrous results In the s Thalidomide was used to alleviate morning sickness during pregnancy.

Sadly. Wasteful animal testing. Despite the use of over million animals in experiments globally each year, only 46 new medicines were approved in by the leading drug regulator, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Many of these are for rare diseases.

Jan 26,  · Animal Testing Should Be Banned.

The reason that animal testing is causing so much harm to humans may be because of the unreliable results animal testing produces. Dr. Richard Klausner, a. The practice of animal testing should be banned, considering that it is harmful from the ethical, environmental as well as the economical point of view.

Making use of alternatives that are available for animal experimentation is therefore, a better choice. Animal testing illegalized Animal testing should be illegal!

Hurting animals is the same way as hurting people. Someone can easily hurt anyone just like a animal.

The reasons animal testing should be
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