The study of history essay

Student Answers hermy27 Student One of the greatest benefits of studying history is that it allows us a chance to learn about who we came from. Because we know the consequences already.

This is an empowering and practical competence to have in any area of study. It allows us to think critically about our present situations to take decisions The study of history essay our future. There are valuable lessons in analyzing our past to figure out the future outcome without paying a huge price for it.

It is almost as if we are doomed to destroy ourselves. John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln. A third fundamental reason is that the study of history sharpens our mental faculties. Even today, history holds an essential part in our society and the beauty of studying history is that it enables us to understand people, societies, and various cultures.

History enables us to creatively use our thinking abilities. And because no new day starts without yesterday shaping its existence, possessing historical knowledge allows us to better understand multiple timelines influencing current events, heightening our social consciousness. The fact that some Southern blacks might have played an important role for the South is a very interesting.

You will see people of the past who did not remember history and therefore made the same mistakes as the people before them. As the saying goes "those who are unfamiliar with their history, are bound to repeat it".

To ignore history and not study it is to ignore some great lessons that could improve the future. The jobs of the body servants varied greatly.

Congress passes the Thirteenth Amendment, abolishing slavery throughout the United States and its territories. The second reason is that history helps us understand our present and shapes our future.

Wiggin42 Student Whether to study History or not is not a question at all.

Importance Of History

However, this is only one benefit. He dives into all ancient records and he studies these with a scientific mind and tries to convey to the reader the fact as it most probably was. It is thus the pleasantest school for acquiring wisdom. Although this list is not exhaustive of all of the benefits of knowing your history, the last one that I will mention is the ability to be a Jeopardy champ!

This knowledge of how societies function helps us run our own lives. History is important in that it reveals all of the past. Humans learn from the past.

A Study of History Essay

President Lincoln considered the returning all southern blacks to Africa but was told that it was logistically impossible. History is what defines us giving us a clear understanding of the world around us.

It is impossible to exhaust all the reasons why it is important to study history. The modern historian prides himself on being a recorder of attested and verified facts. How did they live? In a democratic age, when the duty of forming clear opinions on practical and social problems devolves on all of us, the study of history should be regarded as imperative.

Thus history gives us a truer understanding of the trend of events, and so makes us better citizens. First, you identify the parallels between why the crashes occurred, the amount of people affected, and the effect on society and the economic system.

They were fighting to make sure that women could be treated as equal citizens of our country, including the right to vote, own property, or hold credit. It is there for you to study and learn from so that the future can be improved upon. Modern innovations such as the automobile are as a result of the study of history.

For example, the American housing market bust of can be compared to Black Monday of History confers on the young the wisdom of age without the burden of years.

The people of the past are those who came before us, and it is interesting to see how some of the thoughts, attitudes, and practices of today can differ so drastically from those throughout history.

Short Essay on Importance of History

African Americans fighting for the Confederate States of America? The Confederate of America constitution, which resembled the federal Constitution, prohibited the African slave trade but allowed interstate commerce in slaves.

In Februarythe seceding states sent representatives to a convention in Montgomery, Alabama The convention, on March 11,unanimously ratified a permanent constitution.The question of why history should be studied is often asked, and many have worked to bring to light their opinion of how this question should be answered.

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The study of history essay
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