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Think about your iPod or mobile phone, they both use a menu driven interface.

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However, with advances in technology, VUI have become more commonplace, and people are taking advantage of the value that these hands-free, eyes-free interfaces provide in many situations. You are presented with a menu, you make a choice and then the next menu appears on the screen. Before Windows was developed, this type of user interface was what most people used to get the computer to follow instructions.

Most of the software that you use have menu interfaces. Form Fill Interface The form normally provides limited choices as to the use.

Menu driven interfaces can also be verbal rather than visual. It usually refers to a narrow elongated staff, similar to a modern ballpoint pen. This is the most technically challenging form of interface for the designers as it has to cope with different accents, dialects, slang, homonyms etc.

These applications have a much wider vocabulary than the dialogue interface. They work by your finger touching a screen. Helps you to select objects. A form interface which will allow you to interact with the system software might offer choices such as selecting your screen resolution, default language, keyboard style etc.

Nowadays, very few people have the knowledge to be able to use a command line interface. Natural Language Interface This type of interface allows the user to speak or type in their normal everyday language in order to interact with the computer. You enter an answer via the keyboard.

User Interfaces Essay Sample

You can use many features of the software by working your way through the menu options. For example, some applications such as speech recognition software accept the spoken words and convert them into text on the computer.

You make another choice and so on. A VUI is the interface to any speech application. The pressure is detected and translated by the device into instructions. For example, a form interface for an setting text characteristics in application software might offer the choices of selecting font size, color, style.

Touch-Sensitive Screen Touch sensitive interfaces can be found on a number of different devices.

A form interface can also be used to enter data into a system, for example a database system will usually allow you to create a form to enter data into tables.

Smart phones such as the iPhone and the Blackberry Storm also make use of touch sensitive interfaces. Stylus Stylus is a writing utensil, or a small tool for some other form of marking or shaping, for example in pottery. You cannot just type in any kind of instruction of course, because the computer will only react to a definite set of words.

More essays like this: You use your finger to scroll through the menus, choose options, User interface essay your messages from a keyboard and view web pages.

Question and Answer Interface The computer displays a question for the user on the screen. Have a look at the menus in your word processor or spreadsheet package and see how many different choices you are given. Until recently, this area was considered to be artificial intelligence.

Command Language Interface A Command Line Interface allows the user to interact directly with the computer system by typing in commands instructions into a screen which looks similar to the one below: Controlling a machine by simply talking to it was science fiction only a short time ago.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It can also be a computer accessory that is used to assist in navigating or providing more precision when using touch screens.

The computer acts on that input information in a preprogrammed manner.User Interface and its Importance for the Customer Essay - When dealing with technology, User Interface Design is often not considered the main part of the technology.

One might assume that UI is not an important part of the device and can be thrown in at last minute but in reality UI is the most vital part of the any system.

Free Essay: Abstract In this paper we analyze the importance of interface design and how much interface presents in our everyday life. The most of our daily.

Free Essay: Introduction Information Retrieval (IR) is to represent, retrieve from storage and organise the information. The information should be easily. User Interfaces Essay Sample. Menu Interface. This type of interface lets you interact with a computer or device by working your way through a series of screens or menus.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a type of user interface which permits the people to interrelate with the electronic devices.

A GUI offers graphical icons and visual signs contrasting to the text-based interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation to fully symbolize the information and actions available to the user.

Human–Computer Interaction Layer Design: Objectives • Understand several fundamental user interface (UI) design principles. • Understand the process of UI design.

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