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They had no windows, very few had wooden floors. They have studied work of a certain writer, and know what he has told them, it is true; but do they know anything of the author?

A truthful man has strength of mind. Let Truth flash like the lightning, on, on, from shore to shore; Let all assist its progress, till time shall be no more. It has shown him in the examples of the ages, the disadvantages of bad draining, bad ventilation, bad government, indolence, bad practices generally, and has set him the task of using his intellectual faculties for the purpose of understanding and bettering his condition.

We cannot here say much of him. His followers number at the present time upwards of four hundred million souls: In early times the study of astronomy was confined to a few, and not a remarkably sensible few either.


If we examine the social condition of Europe at the time of the Reformation, we shall see the state of degradation to which humanity was lowered. One after another discoveries are made, upsettlng false theories and giving correct and useful ones in their places.

Each new invention or discovery leads to another; the discoveries of electricity led to the electric telegraph; the electric telegraph led to the telephone, and evolved from this we have had the phonograph, microphone, and other great triumphs, the bare supposition of which, a few years back, would have been looked upon as the mental wanderings of a maniac, or at least, as "castles building in the air.

He acts as he says. His teachings may be summed up in his two great moral precepts—"Do unto others as you would have that they should do unto you," and "Love one another. It came about by the inevitable law of development. They give him responsible work. Many good men have suffered both persecution and torment that the truth might be found and made known; and we of the present day live to enjoy the fruits of their ardour and perseverance.

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Truthfulness means to speak the truth habitually. Going far before the time at which our own era begins, and, in fact, in almost prehistoric times, we take the reader back to about the year B.

In many uncivilized lands similar views are held. The only way, then, to properly study history, is by reading the works of different writers, holding different shades of opinion, if possible, and noting any discrepancies that may occur between them, and finding out by these means, a far as possible, which works are reliable histories, and which writers are to be trusted for their statements.

No attempt was made at draining, but the putrefying garbage and rubbish were simply thrown out of the door. He taught that man should use his judgment in all things; and he was the first Greek philosopher on record who taught the value of scepticism. Shall we, then, wonder that in the famine of human flesh was cooked and sold; or that, in that offifteen thousand persons died of hunger in England?

And what was the result?

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And thus truth rises. Now, with a spirit almost unequalled, the brave Kepler comes to the front, and proves after years of toilsome and unceasing labour that the theory of Copernicus is correct. History, so called, gives an account of mankind in the collective sense; Biography gives an account of each man individually.

Plato, the disciple of Socrates, lived to preach his doctrines, and helped greatly to benefit his fellow creatures.This theory assumes that there actually is a real world whose existence does not Truth Essay. ( Nothing But The Truth Essay ; Infinite Truth. Jun 11,  · Essay on Truth.

From Wikisource. Jump We do not intend to dictate to the reader of this essay what Truth actually is, whose history will be found. Free Essay: The Truth How can we define truth when we don’t even know the interpretations of what truth is?

What I found very interesting was this quote. Truthfulness is important to build up the character of a man. A man whose character is not good is not loved by anybody. So we should always speak the truth. What does the following extract from Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Criticism" mean?

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True Wit is Nature to Advantage drest, What oft was Thought, but ne'er so well Exprest, Something, whose Truth. Founded inThe Hastings Center is the world’s first bioethics research institute. It is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of research scholars from multiple disciplines, including.

Whose truth essay
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