Why vote

It is an act of solidarity with the members of our community geared towards the common good. Voting rates are even more abysmal during midterm elections when the presidency is not at stake: It is a small price to pay for the larger benefit of legitimising our democracy.

In North Carolina, the voting margin between the two candidates was 14, votes. Argue your case through the ballot Why vote than social media.

Are you sure you know all the candidates in your constituency? Accessibility issues continue to disenfranchise citizens with disabilities of every age and race. Right now, it looks like Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for the White House in her race against Donald Trumpthe Republican standard-bearer.

It would be possible to elect officials committed to rebuild the social and physical infrastructure, create millions of good, green jobs that will also reduce federal deficits. It Why vote corporations the right to flood the airwaves with corporate lies and misinformation.

Instead, politicians will campaign for the causes, priorities and interests of those they can count on to go to the polls.

There is plenty of evidence to support those fears. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. So why do millions of people expend their own time, energy, and money to cast a vote that will not make any difference in the electoral outcome?

People often believe that what they do or how they think influences other people and others will think and behave like they do.

The right to life Government vs. What you need to understand is that the experts, the surveys, the pundits can be wrong.

My Faith Votes

Some argue there is no point in participating. One reason for this was because most of the Americans, including Trump himself according to some sources, thought there was no chance of Trump winning and the election was a foregone conclusion.

Have you really looked at the party manifestos of all parties? However, in order to see these kinds of policies Why vote, we have to elect principled leaders. Who hires the police officers? However, in order to see these kinds of policies enacted, we have to elect principled leaders.

Consider the case of Ferguson, Missouri, recently in the news due to the tragic shooting of the unarmed year-old Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. A candidate winning by the skin of their teeth knows what a precarious position he is in come the next election.

Research by Luke Sonnet and Ibrahim Khan indicates that in a constituency in which there was a large voter turnout and a slim margin of victory, tax payments by candidates actually increased.Nov 03,  · In the last mid-term election only 37 percent of the voting age population voted.

Pundits ask: why do so few people vote?But economists tend to ask the opposite question: why do so many people.

50 Reasons Why You Should Vote

Vote because elections aren't simply about your representatives in Washington or who is president. Who you choose this November to lead your local and state governments -- whether as your governor, mayor, city council member, or your state senator -- will have a serious impact on the life of your community.

Equipping people to make their voice heard with their vote, under God. We have all the resources you need to promote voting at your church, along with voter registration, voter guides and Biblical reasons to vote.

Download an English/Spanish version to print and distribute “What difference does it make?”“All politicians are alike?” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and many others, died for a most precious human right, the right to vote.

The Importance of Voting - MassVOTE. “If people won’t vote for good candidates because we think they won’t win, why will good candidates continue to run?” -Eric and Rachel Jones Less than 50 percent of .

Why vote
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