Write a short essay on childrens day in english

Nehru was too much fond of children and children also respect and love him a lot. In fact his own little girl grew up to be the third Prime Minister of India. Will you also do the same in your school? The future of the country depends upon the present children. Small Children are often dressed like Chacha Nehru with a red Rose in the left pocket of Kurta, as was the dress code of Pt.

His great love for roses as well as children is a well-known fact. Today we all are gathered here to celebrate the birth anniversary of our great leader Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. He loved them a lot and always kept them near to his heart.

The main objective of the Children Day celebration is to develop co ordination between children and elders and to implement various welfare schemes to benefit the Children.

Jawaharlal Nehru to pay honor and respect. In India nearly 16 million children who should be going to school are now working in various factories and institutions as child labour.

Celebration including other activities takes place at Teen Murti where Pt. It is celebrated with great joy in schools and educational institutions all over the India to mark it as a grand fiesta.

Therefore, it is a call to put an end to various forms of child abuse that are taking place in our land. Nehru to pay homage to the great leader of India.

On this Day Children take to the centre stage and are showered with love and praises by their elders and teachers, showing the love that they had for them. Children love to say him Chacha Nehru because of his deep affection and love towards children. Conclusion Carefully nurtured, loved and rightly guided Children of a Nation are very much essential for its growth.

Chacha Nehru was extremely fond of the young children. Nehru by organizing events and programs in schools, colleges, government organizations and non government organizations.

Government and non-governmental organizations assure for the welfare of poor children and tries to bring awareness among them in manner to make them understand basic rights of a child. You can select any essay or paragraph according to the requirement.

I remember when I was at school; a fair was organized with different stalls by students at school. They are the valuable asset of our nation, the future of our land, and the hope of tomorrow.

They are like wet clay and can be mould in any way. He was the first Indian Prime Minister of independent India. Children were the prime concern for Pt.

Short Paragraph on Children’s Day for Kids

The students who are divided into lour batches, proceed to do their assigned work. A nation prospers or progresses to the extent it is able to develop the hidden potential lying untapped in her children. In a country like India, where children constitute a good percentage of the population, we need to give much more attention to their all-round development.

People will know that every individual in our society has a sacred duty towards the children. They not only clean the slums but also give bath to children of the slums. They long to be wanted, shown affection and appreciated. Also Children from different parts of India are honoured by the Government for acts of bravery and courage by being given certificates and cash prizes.

Jawaharlal Nehru found time to be with children.Jul 20,  · Essay writing helps kids to engage in diverse thoughts, inspire them to use their imagination and motivates them to read more.

It is also one of the most enjoyable way to practice grammar and improve their written and spoken English. On the Children’s day the neglecting people will get an opportunity to think of the future of their children.

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The whole society will think of its duty and responsibility towards the children. They will think of what have been done for the children in the year past and what should be done for them in the year coming. Short and Long Essay on Children’s Day in English In this category, three short essay on children’s day are provided with different word limits ofand words.

Students of classes 4 to 12 can select any of them. Oct 29,  · In this video we will learn that how to write essay on children's day, Essay in English for School Children's to write "essay on children's day in english || Childrens day: 14 November Best Children’s Day Essay & Speech in English Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil Pdf Free Download Chacha Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru India Universal Children’s Day Date History Essay Speech Information Theme Slogan Logo in English PDF Free Download to World Best Teacher’s Day Essay & Speech in English Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil Pdf Dr.

Write a Short Essay on Children’s Day Article shared by It is said that the greatest need of a person in life is the feeling of ‘being wanted’ and ‘being noticed’.

Write a short essay on childrens day in english
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